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2000-11-30 02:06
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2001-01-23 05:10
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donaldp 2001-01-23 05:10

Checked in alpha version of new build system.

May not fully build on *nix platforms yet.

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conor 2000-12-20 11:18

Added the JAXP reference distribution jars to make it easier to build

ant out of the box. Ant should now build with an empty classpath. I haven't made

the changes for Unix scripts yet.

Also separated the building of ant.jar and optional.jar so that local

builds should more closely match distributions. There is a lot of duplication

between a normal build and a distribution build which can probably be readily

removed now.

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donaldp 2000-11-30 02:06

Started move to being able to gracefully use jars in CVS

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