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Most Recent Commits

donaldp 2002-03-26 00:43

Zap the bootstrap stuff

0 lines of code changed in:

bodewig 2000-12-14 15:22

Make AntEater compile.

16 lines of code changed in:

duncan 2000-12-11 11:10

A small task example that illustrates something... A long time ago I

argued against "if" logic as part of the defined part of Ant stating

that all logic really should go into tasks. Now that the object model

is clean enough, it becomes silly obvious how to do this without requiring

the addition of any if/unless attributes in the target definitions themselves.

The build target task takes a target name and, optionally a if property. If

the property is used and is "true", then the target is executed by calling

the appropriate functionality on the Project object.

11 lines of code changed in:

duncan 2000-12-11 10:32

Removed last legacy of and have settled a bit on how front

ends use core... In order for a front end to run a build, it first

creates a ProjectBuilder, loads a Project from it, then can run a

build on that Project. What still needs a bit of looking after is

creating a project from scratch (such as a GUI might do) and then

executing it. Later.

104 lines of code changed in:

duncan 2000-12-11 09:36

Removal.. Most of the functionality has been moved to other places now

that its becoming a bit more clear how FrontEnds should interace with the


362 lines of code changed in:

duncan 2000-12-08 18:06

Several things all at once...

* Bootstrap now passes args all the way through

* FrontEnding implemented which allows Ant to talk back out

to whatever front end might be driving it. Events propogated

are project start/end, target start/end, task start/end.

This should allow any front end (like a GUI) to move a

progress indicator through a display of the object tree.

Also included is a generic writeMessage(String, int) method.

* cli/Main now plays ClassLoader games so that it can auto

matically place needed resources (like tools.jar) into

the classpath space of the executing Ant. Note -- this

is the first of a few steps to make complicated shell

launch scripts unnecessary. All that should be done

is a single executable per platform that essentially

calls "java -jar anteater.jar [args]". Main is also

primed for a future CJAN so that it can download whatever

jars are needed from CJAN and place them into the classpath

space of the executing Ant. Of course, it's not implemented

yet since CJAN isn't around yet -- but its ready. :)

* AntException now has fields for embedding the location

of an Error. Next up will be implementing the code

around where Tasks are run so that exceptions will contain

this information.

136 lines of code changed in:

duncan 2000-12-07 20:36

Changed task loading to use a centralized TaskManager that keeps tabs on

all classes.

35 lines of code changed in:

duncan 2000-12-06 08:08

Initial checkin

120 lines of code changed in:

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