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peterreilly 8 (23.5%) 3 (0.1%) 0.3
bodewig 2 (5.9%) 2 (0.1%) 1.0

Most Recent Commits

peterreilly 2005-03-18 09:57

some entity escaping

Obtained from: Larry Shatzer

3 lines of code changed in:

peterreilly 2004-03-09 16:49

remove authors from files

PR: 27177

Obtained from: J.M. (Martijn) Kruithof

0 lines of code changed in:

costin 2003-04-10 19:14

Patch from Lo??c P??ron <> to compile against ant153

3 lines of code changed in:

bodewig 2003-03-07 11:23

Remove email address from sources

2 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-12-28 22:59

Remove the old helper

0 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-12-28 22:58

Update to ProjectHelper

23 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-12-28 17:17

Same property helper, to allow porting of the plugins and to support

the same plugins in 1.5

The main focus of embed should be support for 1.5 for people

who can't upgrade to head.

628 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-12-28 05:33

Renamed PropertyHelper to PropertyHelper2, so it'll still compile with

ant1.6 after a PropertyHelper is added.

1 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-12-13 18:32

Make it compile with HEAD.

After the change to ProjectHelper2, [embed] shouldn't be

used with ant1.6, only with ant1.5 as a mechanism to use the

new tasks and semantics with the stable branch.

The build file for Ant1.6 should be the same ( and work the same)

as the build file for ant1.5.1+embed.

This is not the case at the moment, because embed supports import

and few other features that are not yet in the main branch.

Import and the system loader can be supported now as regular tasks.

( preferably moved into HEAD, but they can work as an antlib )

Dynamic properties and ProjectComponentFactory still need to be

discussed and merged to HEAD ( or replaced with whatever gets

in the HEAD ).

1 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-12-06 22:59

Replace the UE with the task as soon as the task is constructed.

This allows Script tasks to work in most cases- and any other task that

requires Task in the tree.

It is the current behavior - but I think it is not the best solution.

6 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-11-21 22:40

I hope this won't brake anything :-), but I need to try it.

Remove the reference to the task after the task execution.

Next time the task is called a new instance will be created.

This avoids excessive memory usage and potential leaks in large

programs. All the memory that is used by the task - i.e. the

task itself and all the object it creates - are beeing hold in

memory and prevented from GC by this reference.

I hope this will remove some OutOfMemory errors for large build


Nicola - please let me know if you see any problems after this change !

3 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-10-18 20:34

2 more test failures resolved. Attributes shouldn't be reset.

2 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-10-17 16:42

Merge changes from the main branch.

Remove the attempted merge with UnknownElement - while it

would be nice, it's not possible without affecting backward compat

( since tasks could use both of them ).

52 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-10-14 19:55

Revert the property replacement in text.

Added a note on the bug in import ( not very important, but should

be fixed ).

3 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-10-11 18:06

Various fixes and changes to support more lazy creation

of tasks and the other changes.

237 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-10-11 18:05

Added a callback for setProperty. This would allow different property

stores to implement their own policy.

This feature will not work in ant15 ( for now ).

Also changed Project to Object - and use it as a context. This makes

the callback more generic and the hooks less dependent of ant.

The only major issue on dynamic properties for me is the JNDI stuff.

I think the Context interface could be a better abstraction, but

on the other side it is much more complex. I also want to finalize

the JNDI property source and abstract the properties via JNDI

so tasks can be created without any dep on ant, but still accessing

properties and refs.

9 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-10-11 18:01

Few small changes and comments.

I would like to extend it a bit more in the future - to support

properties like "${property}" without a string conversion.

In other workds, if a dynamic property is used ( which return an

object ), the object should be used as such in the introspection.

That would greatly simplify tasks and allow more flexibility.

11 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-10-11 17:57

Added an alternate implementation, so we can override default

behavior and control the creation.

This will work for all code that checks instanceof, but

will obviously fail if any code explicitely looks at the class

name ( which is very unlikely - so far no code did that in the

gump run or otherwise ).

The UnknownElement2/RuntimeConfigurable2 will be further refactored

to make them more independent of the XML representation and

have a cleaner API. All behavior will be moved out of the XML

processor and into this pair. Of course, full backward compat will

be provided.

325 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-10-11 17:54

Added the proposed hook for component creation.

Full backward compatibility is provided - the project

is used to create tasks. The mechanism allows full

flexibility in implementing any kind of antlib policy,

and allows applications embeding ant to integrate in the

component creation process.

Probably a good improvement would be to move the 'default'

behavior in a separate plugin ( DefaultComponentFactory - to

use the project component storage ), and deprecate the use

of Project for project component management.

After more feedback is received I'll propose this for the

main branch.

256 lines of code changed in:

costin 2002-07-27 02:20

Add the new taskdef ( it'll replace the original one ).

( we need the new one so that it works with ant1.5 )

1 lines of code changed in:

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