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donaldp 2002-04-17 10:49

zappity zap

0 lines of code changed in:

adammurdoch 2002-04-07 02:27

VFS Additions:

* Added FileSelector, which allows files to be chosen when doing recursive

operations. Added a couple of implementations. Added a selector parameter

to FileObject.delete() and copy().

* Added FileObject.replicateFile(), which converts a FileObject into a local File.

* Moved replication code out of the Zip provider, into a shared FileReplicator

component. The implemenation is pretty brain-dead, but at very least should

properly clean up temporary files in ant_vfs_cache. Also, local files will

no longer be replicated, but used directly.

* Added FileName.getRelativeName(), and NameScope.DESCENDENT_OR_SELF.

* Now handles providers which are LogEnabled and Disposable.

* Made the local file provider pluggable.

* Providers are now responsible for thier own caching.

* FTP and Zip providers clean up properly. Fixed FTP directory delete.

91 lines of code changed in:

donaldp 2002-03-29 12:57

final static --> static final to follow JLS recomendations

6 lines of code changed in:

adammurdoch 2002-03-09 10:31

VFS Tidy-ups:

* Added FileObject.copy().

* Renamed <v-copy> task attributes file -> srcfile, tofile -> destfile, todir -> destdir.

* Moved provider instantiation out of DefaultFileSystemManager, and into

myrmidon-aware VfsManager. Providers are instantiated using the TypeManager.

The list of providers isn't configurable yet.

* Some support for %nn encoded URI (not quite complete).

* Zip file system now handles zip files from any file system, not just local

files. Still read-only at this stage. Uses a truely dodgy and very temporary

replication mechanism.

* Zip file system now handles relative paths in URI (e.g., that are

resolved against the base dir.

* Fixed bug in resolving names against the root file of a file system.

* Changed behaviour of FileName.resolveName( ".." ) for the root file of

a file system.

* Added more test cases.

* A bucketload of other minor changes.

59 lines of code changed in:

adammurdoch 2002-03-02 04:07

* Added 'descendent' name scope.

* Changed semantics of FileName.resolveName() with 'child' scope.

* Fixed a couple of problems in UriParser.normalise().

* Split up LocalFileNameParser into a Windows specifc parser and a generic


* More test cases.

15 lines of code changed in:

donaldp 2002-03-01 10:33

Decouple exceptions from CascadingException

26 lines of code changed in:

adammurdoch 2002-03-01 02:13

* Reorganised build to use new <antlib-descriptor> task.

* The "builtin" and "selftest" descriptors are now generated.

* Fixed ant-descriptor.template to handle @ant:type tag properly.

Submitted by Darrell DeBoer []

1 lines of code changed in:

donaldp 2002-02-21 11:06

Rename myrmidons ServiceManager stuff to AntServiceManager

Refactored the codebase to use Avalons ServiceManager rather than ComponentManager. The reason for this is that the ComponentManager required that contained objects implement the Component interface while the ServiceManager constructs do not have this requirement.

This makes it much easier to extract parts of Myrmidon without any dependency on Ant/Avalon

1 lines of code changed in:

adammurdoch 2002-02-15 07:37

* Added another FileSystemManager.resolveFile() convenience method.

* Made a heap of stuff final.

18 lines of code changed in:

donaldp 2002-02-14 09:46

Convert role strings so that they are auotgenerated from class object

1 lines of code changed in:

donaldp 2002-02-09 22:49

Fix up audit violations

2 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/aut/vfs: (+2 -2)
donaldp 2002-02-09 03:21

Zap some audit warnings

30 lines of code changed in:

donaldp 2002-02-06 13:38

Style touchups

1 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/aut/vfs: (+1 -1)
adammurdoch 2002-02-06 07:28

Got rid of some audit violations.

0 lines of code changed in:

adammurdoch 2002-02-02 03:29

Added VFS proposal.

68 lines of code changed in:

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