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donaldp 2002-04-17 10:49

zappity zap

0 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/interfaces/embeddor: (del)
adammurdoch 2002-04-09 02:26

* Rolled back change to PropertyResolver.resolveProperties(), so that it

uses a TaskContext again. Added some regression tests.

* Changed Embeddor.createWorkspace() to use a Map, rather than a Parameters,

to supply initial workspace properties. Initial properties can be Objects,

rather than only Strings. Got rid of the Object -> String convertion from

<ant> and <antcall>.

* Generalised ExecutionFrame, so that it can represent any execution scope

(root, workspace, project, task, inherited, etc), rather than just task scope:

- Replaced getTaskContext() with getPropertyStore().

- Replaced getTypeManager() with getServiceManager().

* Executor is now responsible for creating TaskContext.

* Changed DefaultExecutor to use the configurer provided by the execution frame.

* Added ExecutionContainer, a lifecycle interface which is used to supply the

root execution frame to a service which executes tasks (directly or indirectly).

* Changed interaction between DefaultEmbeddor and workspaces. Embeddor is now

responsible for creating the base property store for workspaces. ExecutionContainer

is used to pass this to workspaces. Parameterizable is now used to pass

container params to workspaces (which matches how it is used with all the

other services).

5 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/interfaces/embeddor: (+5 -2)
darrell 2002-04-01 09:56

* Fixed a bunch of checkstyle violations (mostly


* Added basic javadoc target to build.

5 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/interfaces/embeddor: (+5)
donaldp 2002-03-23 23:41

Made embeddor not implement the framework lifecycle stages

0 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/interfaces/embeddor: (-5)
donaldp 2002-03-23 09:07

Add some todos

3 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/interfaces/embeddor: (+3)
donaldp 2002-02-21 11:06

Rename myrmidons ServiceManager stuff to AntServiceManager

Refactored the codebase to use Avalons ServiceManager rather than ComponentManager. The reason for this is that the ComponentManager required that contained objects implement the Component interface while the ServiceManager constructs do not have this requirement.

This makes it much easier to extract parts of Myrmidon without any dependency on Ant/Avalon

1 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/interfaces/embeddor: (+1 -2)
adammurdoch 2002-02-13 03:02

Changes to listeners:

* CLIMain now uses the listener's short name, rather than classname, to

construct the listener. This is done with the help of the Embeddor.

* Added NoPrefixProjectListener, which emulates the -emacs mode of Ant 1.x.

* Added -p, --noprefix command-line option, to use the NoPrefixProjectListener.

* Changed the methods on ProjectListener to take event objects. Combined the

log() methods into a single method.

* Moved state tracking out of AbstractProjectListener, and into DefaultWorkspace

(where it doesn't need to be tracked). State info is now available via the

event objects passed to the listener methods.

17 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/interfaces/embeddor: (+17 -3)
donaldp 2002-02-07 13:02

Add version tags

1 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/interfaces/embeddor: (+1)
donaldp 2002-02-06 13:18

Make all roles exposed as the classname via runtime lookup

1 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/interfaces/embeddor: (+1 -1)
donaldp 2001-12-23 06:28

Fix up license banner.

1 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/interfaces/embeddor: (+1 -1)
donaldp 2001-12-22 12:35


0 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/interfaces/embeddor: (-1)
donaldp 2001-11-19 12:37 -->

yea - now no one will call me Donald!!!

1 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/interfaces/embeddor: (+1 -1)
donaldp 2001-11-04 21:58

Moved interfaces outside of main trunk.

3 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/myrmidon/src/java/org/apache/myrmidon/interfaces/embeddor: (new 3)
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