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2002-04-17 10:49
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Totals 27 (100.0%) 113 (100.0%) 4.1
adammurdoch 10 (37.0%) 53 (46.9%) 5.3
donaldp 15 (55.6%) 52 (46.0%) 3.4
darrell 2 (7.4%) 8 (7.1%) 4.0

Most Recent Commits

donaldp 2002-04-17 10:49

zappity zap

0 lines of code changed in:

darrell 2002-04-01 09:56

* Fixed a bunch of checkstyle violations (mostly


* Added basic javadoc target to build.

8 lines of code changed in:

donaldp 2002-03-29 12:57

final static --> static final to follow JLS recomendations

1 lines of code changed in:

adammurdoch 2002-03-27 07:01

Extracted out a superclass from the exceptions in myrmidon.interfaces.*, to

make it a little easier to add new exceptions to the interfaces packages.

10 lines of code changed in:

adammurdoch 2002-03-15 02:48

TypeManager changes:

* Reverted TypeManager to reference roles by name, rather than type.

* DefaultTypeManager now uses the RoleManager to determine a role's type, to

use for doing instanceof checks.

* DefaultMasterConverter, InstantiatingServiceManager, and VfsManager no

longer look up a TypeFactory in their service() method.

* Added ROLE field to several interfaces.

2 lines of code changed in:

donaldp 2002-03-01 10:33

Decouple exceptions from CascadingException

18 lines of code changed in:

adammurdoch 2002-02-24 07:43

Removed AntServiceManager:

* Renamed DefaultAntServiceManager to InstantiatingServiceManager. This

implementation now sets-up the service factories and service instances

(log enable, service, parameterise, initialise).

* Rearranged the service heirarchy, so that services deployed from a

service descriptor are visible in the root context (passed to workspaces

and project builders).

* Service factories are registered using the role name, not the role class name.

* Added unit tests for InstantiatingServiceManager.

Changes to DefaultConfigurer error messages:

* All exceptions thrown by DefaultConfigurer indicate which configuration

element the error happened in.

* Updated DefaultConfigurer test cases, to check nested error messages

where appropriate.

25 lines of code changed in:

donaldp 2002-02-21 11:06

Rename myrmidons ServiceManager stuff to AntServiceManager

Refactored the codebase to use Avalons ServiceManager rather than ComponentManager. The reason for this is that the ComponentManager required that contained objects implement the Component interface while the ServiceManager constructs do not have this requirement.

This makes it much easier to extract parts of Myrmidon without any dependency on Ant/Avalon

27 lines of code changed in:

donaldp 2002-02-18 08:39

Move complex operations outside loop body

6 lines of code changed in:

adammurdoch 2002-02-14 02:03

* Moved package to org.apache.myrmidon.interfaces.service.

* Added ServiceManager interface, and several implementations.

16 lines of code changed in:

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