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2002-04-17 10:49
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donaldp 2002-04-17 10:49

zappity zap

0 lines of code changed in:

donaldp 2001-11-26 11:11

Added code to allow type libraries to depend upon "Optional Packages" aka "Extensions".

Also add code to seltest type library so that it verifies that classes loaded from extension are available in the same ClassLoader as the tasks.

0 lines of code changed in:

donaldp 2001-11-19 12:37 -->

yea - now no one will call me Donald!!!

4 lines of code changed in:

donaldp 2001-07-08 07:21

Change to reflect fact that context no longer resolves propertys.

Thus extends AbstractContainerTask to implement functionality.

4 lines of code changed in:

donaldp 2001-06-16 03:35

Migrated self testing code to new library.

13 lines of code changed in:

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