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2002-03-15 02:44
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umagesh 2002-03-15 02:44

Remove contents from filter reader proposal, now that the code has been migrated to the main tree.

0 lines of code changed in:

umagesh 2002-03-02 16:39

Made <copy> and <move> filterchain aware. Existing <filterset> elements can live together with <filterchain> elements. However, all <filterset>s will only be processed *after* all <filterchain>s have been.

71 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/sandbox/filterreaders/src/main/org/apache/tools/ant/util: (+71 -4)
umagesh 2002-03-01 00:17

Merge changes with the 1.14 revision from the main tree.

51 lines of code changed in:

  • proposal/sandbox/filterreaders/src/main/org/apache/tools/ant/util: (+51 -2)
umagesh 2002-02-28 21:59

1. ExpandProperties filter introduced as envisioned by Steve.

2. String readFully(Reader) added to (main trunk revision 1.13)

3. Doc changes

4. Removed the attribute evaluateproperties from <loadfile> as it is no longer necessary.

56 lines of code changed in:

umagesh 2002-02-28 18:23

Refactored code (as suggested by Costin and Adam) - first run.

1. Moved to filters/util

2. Moved setInitialized, getInitialized to base class.

3. Introduced BaseParamFilterReader that implements Parameterizable and has setParameter

4. Null check introduced for LoadFile

5. Convenience method readLine() introduced into BaseFilterReader.

0 lines of code changed in:

umagesh 2002-02-27 21:50

FilterReaderSet -> FilterChain as this is more representative of the collection.

Documentation updates.

9 lines of code changed in:

umagesh 2002-02-27 20:48

CloneableReader -> ChainableReader

Reader clone(Reader) -> Reader chain(Reader)

3 lines of code changed in:

umagesh 2002-02-27 18:14

Provide a mechanism by which filter readers recognized by Ant's core (FilterreaderSet can have a better syntax.

For example, HeadFilter can be added to filterset as this:


<filterreader classname="">

<param name="lines" value="3"/>



or this:


<headfilter lines="3"/>


54 lines of code changed in:

umagesh 2002-02-24 04:08

1. Addition of new filter reader "LineContains"

2. Javadoc changes to use &lt; and &gt; instead of < and > characters

3. Removal of debug statement from ChainReaderHelper

0 lines of code changed in:

umagesh 2002-02-24 01:57

Use classpath of AntFilterReader if available.

19 lines of code changed in:

umagesh 2002-02-23 17:36

Use a helper class to process chained readers.

23 lines of code changed in:

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