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2001-01-16 18:36
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2001-04-17 00:27
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metasim 24 (100.0%) 143 (100.0%) 5.9

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metasim 2001-04-17 00:27

Antidote officially moved to the CVS module jakarta-ant-antidote.

0 lines of code changed in:

metasim 2001-01-24 19:51

Incremental update.

54 lines of code changed in:

metasim 2001-01-17 22:23

Added more panels to build wizard, and created state machine framework.

81 lines of code changed in:

metasim 2001-01-16 18:36

Successfully managed to expose myself to public embarassssment by mispellln'

"wizzzerd" all over the place. :-(

8 lines of code changed in:

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