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bodewig 2003-04-24 13:02

<unzip> can now deal with self-extracting archives.

PR: 16213

Submitted by: Jason Salter <jasonsalter at hotmail dot com>

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  • src/etc/testcases/taskdefs/zip: test.exe(new)
umagesh 2002-03-03 06:52

Zip task

duplicate (attribute): behavior when a duplicate file is found. Valid values are add, preserve, and fail. The default value is add.

zipgroupfileset (nested fileset): allows for multiple zip files to be merged into the archive. Each file found in this fileset is added to the archive the same way that "zipfileset src" files are added.

Jar task

duplicate/zipgroupfileset: same as in Zip task

filesetmanifest (attribute): behavior when a Manifest is found in a zipfileset or zipgroupfileset file is found. Valid values are skip, merge, and mergewithoutmain. mergewill merge all of manifests together, and merge this into any other specified manifests mergewithoutmain merges everything but the Main section of the manifests. Default value is skip

manifest (existing attribute): this attribute now also accepts the name of a jar added through a fileset. If its the name of an added jar, the task expects the manifest to be in the jar at META-INF/

Submitted by: Brian Deitte <>

PR: 5667, 5036

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