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evenisse 2007-01-04 16:50

Fix license header from my previous commit

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evenisse 2007-01-04 14:35

Update license

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jmcconnell 2006-11-15 23:08

working through a new strategy of loading up projects that require authentication, since the CreateProjectsFromMetadata class is where we deal with authentication and the mungedUrl https format I figured this is also the place to pull information from the settings.xml file should it exist and attempt to use that as well. This moves around something that I patched in last week from john didion that didn't sit well with me after looking at it a day or two, so I removed that and have it worked out this way now. I also added in the MavenTwoContinuumProjectBuilder that if we get a scm username/password from the calling code (create action here) then we will persist that into the database for each project. I'll add that to the MavenOne builder once I have all this sorted out, but I think the builders and executors could stand a bit of flow refactoring, but there is a jira ticket for that, to move them together under the same package space.

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jmcconnell 2006-11-14 22:21

continuum-758 converted continuum-core over to use the plexus-maven-plugin where it can in generation of the components.xml and then a merge with the components can can't be totally configured that way. This tore a lot of the meat out of the existing components.xml and should make working with the settings we need to manage with it a lot easier. I commented where the components that are in continuum-core that couldn't be configured with the plugin in the components.xml file that we are merging in.

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carlos 2006-08-17 01:57

[CONTINUUM-776] More error handling

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