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2005-10-05 20:34
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2006-11-14 22:21
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jmcconnell 2006-11-14 22:21

continuum-758 converted continuum-core over to use the plexus-maven-plugin where it can in generation of the components.xml and then a merge with the components can can't be totally configured that way. This tore a lot of the meat out of the existing components.xml and should make working with the settings we need to manage with it a lot easier. I commented where the components that are in continuum-core that couldn't be configured with the plugin in the components.xml file that we are merging in.

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evenisse 2006-01-15 00:32

Clean imports

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evenisse 2005-10-07 13:25

Fix tests due to default guest permissions changes

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evenisse 2005-10-05 20:34

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