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handyande 2007-03-07 16:11

more role hints

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evenisse 2007-01-04 16:50

Fix license header from my previous commit

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evenisse 2007-01-04 14:35

Update license

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evenisse 2006-11-17 12:42

Add missing requirement

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evenisse 2005-09-13 16:31

[CONTINUUM-257] Ability to not include the build result in the mails.

We choose the mode to use in MailContinuumNotifier component configuration in application.xml

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trygvis 2005-07-08 11:06

o Setting svn:eol-style=native and svn:keywords="Author Date Id Revision".

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trygvis 2005-07-05 11:48

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trygvis 2005-06-12 11:47


o Upgrading to JDO 2. Going with Modello alpha-3-SNAPSHOT.

Continuum Model

o Making the configuration a part of the project. These are really

deprecated and should go away.

o The ContinuumBuildResult is a part of the ContinuumBuild.

o The UpdateScmResult is a part of the ContinuumBuild.

o The ScmFile collections are a part of the CheckedOutScmResult and


o The ContinuumProject object and other objects that has subclasses should

be made abstract.

Continuum API

o Changed addMavenOneProject( url ) and addMavenTwoProject( url ) to

return the ContinuumProjectBuildingResult object. This was done to give

the client access to the result of the adding operation. Currently it

only uses it to get hang of the project ids added. Changed

addXXXProject( XXXProject ) to return the project id of the project


All of these methods should return the same object encapsulating the

result of the operation but it should probably not be

ContinuumProjectBuildingResult objects. TBD.

Continuum Core

o Depracating methods that not work directly on a model class. These

should be removed before the alpha. Removed any references to them where

this was easy to do. Still need a pass to clean it up completly thus

they're still there.

o Removed lots of JDO test configurations. Changed the configuration in

src/main/resources to contain a configuration useful for testing. This

should probably be moved to src/test/resources and the core should by

default miss this configuration.

Continuum XML-RPC Interface

o Removing methods only available though direct usage of ContinuumCore in

the XML-RPC client. The XML-RPC interface now directly relates to the

Contiuum component only.

o Updating the excludes when transforming a object to a hashtable as JDO

now complains if we're accessing fields that's not detached instead of

returning null or just a empty collection.

Continuum XML-RPC Python Integration Tests and Client

o Reworked the continuum module. It now contains a Continuum class that

can be instanciated with a URL. This increases resusability of this

module. Reorganized the methods to match the XML-RPC interface.

o Adding AntProject as this is required when adding Ant projects.

Currently adding Maven 1 and 2 projects though a URL so those and the

shell project will be added later.

o Updating the continuum Python module to match the XML-RPC interface one

to one. Updating the ITs to match the new client API.

The Ant and Shell parts of the ITs are currenly broken as they're not

properly implemented in the core.

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trygvis 2005-05-18 21:34

o Setting svn:keywords=Id on all Java, XML and Velocity files.

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