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Totals 6 (100.0%) 133 (100.0%) 22.1
oching 3 (50.0%) 82 (61.7%) 27.3
jmcconnell 1 (16.7%) 36 (27.1%) 36.0
evenisse 1 (16.7%) 14 (10.5%) 14.0
carlos 1 (16.7%) 1 (0.8%) 1.0

Most Recent Commits

oching 2007-02-20 03:41


Added isAuthorized* methods in ContinuumActionSupport for checking authorization in action classes with



Implemented SecureAction in some of the action classes that has a specific permission. Also added 'modify-project-notifier' operation in ProjectDeveloperDynamicRoleProfile.

82 lines of code changed in:

evenisse 2007-01-04 14:35

Update license

14 lines of code changed in:

carlos 2006-09-25 01:40

Merged bug fixes and improvements up to rev# 449148 from continuum-acegi branch

1 lines of code changed in:

jmcconnell 2006-08-18 02:42

my first pass through with project grouping which required a fair amount of changes to -api -core -store to support the concepts already in place in the -model. the -webapp parts are basically working, the triggered builds are still building everything across the board but support for fixing that is in place to be wired in. Whole slew of changes but brett and jason were both cool with my getting this big commit out of the way so I could continue on the same path without this looming.

36 lines of code changed in:

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