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2004-03-07 11:23
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joe 2004-03-07 11:23

Moved internal xstream implementation classes to core

0 lines of code changed in:

joe 2004-03-06 15:23

Start of refactoring of Converter design....

- Renamed existing Converter interface to OldConverter.

- Created new Converter interface.

- Created OldConverter->Converter adaptors for backwards compatability.

This change allows me to play around with a new design, whilst not breaking the old converters.

0 lines of code changed in:

joe 2004-03-06 12:05

Performance improvements, contributed by Nicky Sandhu @ IBM

5 lines of code changed in:

joe 2003-10-03 14:34

Now supports arrays! Wahey!

Even arrays with null values in them.

PrettyPrintXMLWriter now writes empty tags like <blah/>

5 lines of code changed in:

joe 2003-10-01 09:40

Moved DefaultConverterLookup config up to XStream facade

1 lines of code changed in:

joe 2003-10-01 09:29

Added converters for:




Refactored ListConverter into one that can include all types of Collections (including Sets)

4 lines of code changed in:

joe 2003-09-29 19:03

A weekend worth of changes with no home connectivity

- added XMLReaderDriver abstraction to allow easy switching of XML parsers

- StringBuffer converter

- XMLReader test cases

- W3C DOM XMLReader impl (removes DOM4J dependency)

- Refactoring: Converters now determine whether they can handle a type

- XStream facade: added methods to allow custom XMLReader/Writers to be used

- Refactoring: XMLWriter has more sensible test names

- Static/final/transient fields are not serialized

29 lines of code changed in:

joe 2003-09-26 12:08

Initial commit

36 lines of code changed in:

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