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Benoit Xhenseval 2006-11-21 00:08 Rev.: 155


StatSvn no longer contains the StatCvs code, instead it shall depend on statcvs-0.2.4.jar (or whichever version StatCvs shall use when they take our changes).

A fair amount of changes will make it to StatCvs in order to support xdoc (in StatCvs), XHTML generation and use of StringBuffers.

Jason will do the StatCvs checkin soon, in the meantime I include statcvs-0.2.4.jar in the lib directory.


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Benoit Xhenseval 2006-11-19 19:39 Rev.: 145

Move tests to net.sf.statsvn

0 lines of code changed in 14 files:

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