Class EnvReport

  extended by net.sf.statsvn.util.EnvReport

public final class EnvReport
extends java.lang.Object

This class provides a report to standard output of relevant JRE properties and svn executable information. This output is intended to be included with bug reports to help the StatSVN team diagnose common issues with wrong SVN version, wrong JRE version, and locale settings.


Method Summary
static java.lang.String fmtPropertiesForScreen(java.util.Properties props, java.lang.String[] keySet)
          Format a set of key/value Properties for the screen, by right-aligning the key column.
static java.lang.String getEnvReport()
static java.util.Properties getStatSVNInfo()
          Get information about the current version of StatSVN.
static java.util.Properties getSvnVersionInfo()
          Get svn executable version info.
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
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Method Detail


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)


public static java.lang.String getEnvReport()


public static java.lang.String fmtPropertiesForScreen(java.util.Properties props,
                                                      java.lang.String[] keySet)
Format a set of key/value Properties for the screen, by right-aligning the key column. Each key/value pair is printed and followed by a newline.

props - Property set to format for printout.
keySet - The keys of interest to use. If null, use all keys defined in props.
Formatted text block with property keys and values, with a newline after every set.


public static java.util.Properties getSvnVersionInfo()
Get svn executable version info. We cannot use the excellent "ProcessUtils" because we are not running in the context of a StatSVN invocation. We use a plain old exec().

Property set


public static java.util.Properties getStatSVNInfo()
Get information about the current version of StatSVN.

Property set