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2010-01-01: release of 0.7.0 is released, see changes.Tweet this

2009-08-06: release of 0.6.0 is released

2009-05-22: release of 0.5.0 is released

2009-03-16: release of 0.5.0 beta.

2008-06-20: release of 0.4.1, re-launch of the Wiki site and inclusion of the forums as embedded pages: User Forum and Developers Forum. Enjoy!

2008-05-04 Appendium Ltd and LavaBlast are pleased to announce the release of version 0.4.0 of StatSVN. More details on this blog! and the changelog.

2007-03-10 News: As part of release 0.3.1, we have launched a series of demos for some known projects: Subversion, Ant, Log4J, Spring Rich Client, Hibernate 3, Joda Time, Ruby, Groovy, Grails and Felix to start with. Go on, admit it, you always wanted to know who did what and when on those projects... Digg!

Warning: if you're not using an English locale, please set the LANG environment variable to en_US when running the application until we resolve some i18n issues with StatSVN (the call to svn diff returns a localised string which may result in some results not being cached, the results are correct but StatSVN will ask for them again next time).

2007-02-07: Want to help? We're considering replacing our command line invocations with calls to SVNKit (formerly JavaSVN). Want to write the prototype implementation and see how well it performs? Let us know!

2007-01-12: Version 0.3.0 is in SVN and adds 2 reports (RepoMap and LOC/Churn) as well as fixing a number of issues with moving files, directories and deletion of those. More details on this page.

2006-11-28: Version 0.2.0 is out and now supports Html and XDoc generation to ease integration with Maven (see reports here). Digg!

We're also pleased to mention that there is a Maven 2 plugin using StatSVN, it is available at

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So, what is StatSVN? Great statistics for SVN!

StatSVN retrieves information from a Subversion repository and generates various tables and charts describing the project development, e.g.

The current version of StatSVN generates a static suite of HTML documents containing tables and chart images. StatSVN is open source software, released under the terms of the LGPL, based on StatCVS. StatSVN uses JFreeChart to generate charts.

Where is the manual?

The manual is available online as a Wiki and it is as up-to-date and comprehensive as you want it to be...

Quick Example for Maven 1

Prior to run maven site (or simply maven xdoc), you can generate the XDOC files by running: (do not forget -v).

svn log -v --xml > svn.log
java -jar statsvn.jar -xdoc -verbose -output-dir site\statsvn -tags "^0.2.0|^0.1.3|^0.1.2|^0.0.9" -title StatSVN
     -exclude "**/qalab.xml|**/*.pdf|**/etc/LICENSE" -viewvc ./svn.log .
This example will generate xdoc in directory site/statsvn, tag 0.2.0, 0.1.3, 0.1.2, 0.0.9, exclude qalab.xml and others. After that the XDOC would be picked up by "maven site" or "maven xdoc". Please note that in order to use the tags, you must use a log file not at 'trunk' level but just above, in order to include the tags directory. At the moment, StatSVN only works with "/tags/" directory.

Quick Example of new 'dump'

There is a new dump facility (do not forget -v).

svn log -v --xml > svn.log
java -jar statsvn.jar -dump -verbose -exclude "**/qalab.xml|**/*.pdf|**/etc/LICENSE" ./svn.log .
This will generate a large amount of output but at the end this, if it shows OK for everything it is likely that StatSVN correctly understood your repository:
Current Repo Line Code :10508
-----Via Files--------------------
Number of Files via Files  :421
Sum Current LOC via File   :10508       Diff with Repo LOC 0 OK
# of File Revision via File:1902
-----Via Revisions----------------
# of Files via Revisions   :421         Diff with via Files:0 OK
# of File Revision via Revi:1902        Diff with via Files:0 OK
Sum Delta via Revisions    :10508       Diff with Repo LOC 0 OK
Tot LOC via Last Rev file  :10508       Diff with Repo LOC 0 OK