Release History

0.7.0 Jan 2010 Maintenance
0.6.0 Not released Maintenance
0.5.0 2009-05-22 Maintenance
0.4.1 2008-06-20 Maintenance
0.4.0 2008-04-20 Maintenance+move to StatCVS
0.3.1 2007-03-10 Maintenance
0.3.0 2007-01-12 Maintenance, concurrent diff, new RepoMap and Loc/Churn Reports
0.2.0 2006-11-28 Removing the StatCvs code from StatSVN
0.1.3 2006-11-20 XDoc support and move to net.sf.statsvn

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Release 0.7.0 - Jan 2010

add Upgrade to StatCVS 0.7.0. benoitx

Release 0.6.0 - Not released

add Automatic shortening of page URL, using javascript for Twitter integration. benoitx
add Reduce scope for the Builder (might save some memory). benoitx
add Add anonymize to Ant Task. Thanks to Markus Schulte. jkealey

Release 0.5.0 - 2009-05-22

add Add new report for 12m Rolling Developer report. benoitx
add Add ability to MERGE 2 users through the config-file user.[userName ] .replacedBy=[newUserName ] benoitx
add A bit of fun, added links to Twitter. In the file defining the user, See manual benoitx
add Charts are now configurable, See manual benoitx
add Through StatCVS, a few cool Twitter features to either have links to your Twitter profile, widgets (see this page ) or to be able to Tweet some StatSVN stats straight from the StatSVN generated pages (see this page ). benoitx

Release 0.4.1 - 2008-06-20

fix Fixed issue when the only change was a property change. Fixes 1963918. Thanks to Joseph Armbruster. jkealey
fix Fixed issue in command line help with regards to -concurrency-threshold Fixes 1993217. Thanks to Edward Oubrayrie. jkealey
add Add charset option on command line. benoitx
add Add maillist as Nabble forums. benoitx

Release 0.4.0 - 2008-04-20

add Added support for an XML export of the main reports, just use option -xml, based on patched proposed by Nilendra Weerasinghe. Thanks to Nilendra Weerasinghe. benoitx
add Applied patch for [ 1639462 ] Added TRAC Support. Fixes 1639462. Thanks to Jean-Francois Burdet. benoitx
add Applied patch to StatCVS to show the Head Revision (had to change it to hide it for CVS as it does not make sense for CVS). Fixes 1932689. Thanks to Martin Majlis. benoitx
update The RepoMap and LOCChurn reports have been promoted to StatCVS and hence, removed from the StatSVN source tree. benoitx
add Performance enhancement. If SVN 1.4 is available, do one diff per revision instead of one diff per file per revision. Added -force-legacy-diff option to retain previous functionality. jkealey
add Applied patch to StatCVS to add Affected files count per commit. Thanks to Martin Majlis. benoitx
add Applied patch to StatCVS to add Revision number on commit page. Fixes 1839303. Thanks to Martin Majlis. benoitx
add I have added a validation mechanism that checks the Repository object once the log is parsed, if root is null, it will terminate the execution. benoitx
add I have added a small project attribute which makes it more obvious which cache belongs to what project in the repositories.xml and xml cache files. Fixes 1687928. benoitx
add Added support for tags-dir as a way to specify 'top' directory where the tags are stored, defaulted to "/tags/". Fixes 1692245. benoitx
fix Changed RSS to use the common one: benoitx
add Added support for a '-anonymize' command line option, to anonymize committer names. Fixes 1743119. jpdaigle

Release 0.3.1 - 2007-03-10

fix Fix an issue in detecting tags that may be further down than the root directory of the log. Also use the tag pattern earlier on in the log parser, so only required tags will be considered. benoitx
fix Exclude pattern is now used also for the diffs (avoid attempting to svn diff '.htaccess' at all cost!). benoitx
fix Fixing url encoded module name. Fixes 1653392. Thanks to Dermot Daly. benoitx
add Added EnvReport function to aid in identifying common failure cases (no change to StatSVN command line, it is a seperate executable class). jpdaigle
add Added introduction page for demos. benoitx
fix Support the tags command line parameter (will only show a given set of tags). Fixes 1673601. Thanks to Benoit Xhenseval. benoitx
fix Removed JDK 1.5 dependency on String.replace(CharSequence,CharSequence). benoitx
fix Fixed an NPE in RepoPageMaker (only happening if repo has no dates. Fixes 1657197. Thanks to p_michalczyk. benoitx
add Improved reporting of XML parsing errors. Fixes 1637082. jkealey
fix Changed the Maven dependencies to use a backport concurrent compiled with jdk 1.4 Fixes 1655200. Thanks to Alejandro Scandroli. benoitx
fix Fixed a glitch for SvnInfoUtils.urlToAbsolutePath path mangling Fixes 1654750. Thanks to Jean-Philippe Daigle. jpdaigle

Release 0.3.0 - 2007-01-12

fix Included a small fix in StatCVS (just post 0.3 release) in order to avoid NPE with Ant for ViewCVS integration. benoitx
update Earlier fix did not work on all operating systems; our support for spaces in filenames no longer causes problems. Fixes 1601433. Thanks to John Brugge. jkealey
fix Ant task was broken in 0.2.0; fixed and changed to use same conventions as StatCVS Fixes 1573421. Thanks to John Brugge. jkealey
fix Fixed a mime-type problem discovered when running StatSVN on Widelands project. Fixes 1605167. Thanks to Anonymous. jkealey
fix Fixed a number of issues related to the LOC for files that have been moved or directories moved and/or deleted. benoitx
fix The error report highlighted an issue with filenames containing space(s) in the svn diff call. Fixes 1601433. Thanks to Anonymous. benoitx
add New Report: LOC and Churn shows the usual LOC with the amount of code touched per day. Hopefully the churn should go decreasingly towards a release. benoitx
add New Report: Repo Map, a jtreemap-based report (applet) that shows the entire source tree in a hierarchical manner, the size of each box is related to LOC and the colour to the changes over the last 30 days (red -loc, green +loc). benoitx
add Adding basic support for Symbolic Names (i.e. tags). You MUST get a log at the top level of the project, not the trunk level, e.g.: svn log -v --xml That way, the log will contain some information about the tags. At the moment, StatSVN only works with "/tags/" directory. Fixes 1608782. benoitx
update Patch for upgrade to StatCVS 0.3.0-dev. Fixes 1612184. Thanks to Richard Cyganiak. benoitx
fix Removed 1.5-specific code. Fixes 1612997. Thanks to samuli. benoitx
fix Removed 1.5-specific code. Fixes 1608474. Thanks to samuli. benoitx
add Overhaul of the SVN Diff to use multiple threads if required. Command line parameters -threads (default 25) and -concurrency-threshold (default 2000 ms) added. Fixes 1605731. benoitx
update Upgrade dependency to statcvs-0.3 which allows extra reports to be integrated. benoitx
fix Patch to fix issue:running tests doesn't work because writing to /root/.statsvn is not allowed. Fixes 1602429. Thanks to Miroslav Sulc. benoitx
add Adding a counter for the number of diff calls made and to be made, save the cache every 2 minutes (takes 15ms) and provides an estimate for completion time. Fixes 1605311. Thanks to Benoit Xhenseval. benoitx

Release 0.2.0 - 2006-11-28

remove Removing the StatCvs code from StatSVN benoitx
fix Fixed issues related to I nputStream from svn command line executions benoitx
fix Acted on FindBugs, PMD and Checkstyle warnings. benoitx
fix Fixed issue related to number of files when they are moved/deleted. benoitx

Release 0.1.3 - 2006-11-20

add Added support for xdoc. benoitx
add Moved code to net.sf.statsvn in preparation of removing the code that belongs to StatCvs. benoitx