Package net.sf.statsvn.util

Utility classes.


Interface Summary
ISvnDiffProcessor Performs svn diff queries.
ISvnInfoProcessor Performs svn info queries.
ISvnProcessor Interface for a base processor.
ISvnPropgetProcessor Performs svn propget queries.
ISvnVersionProcessor Performs svn version queries.
TaskLogger An Interface for the Logging mechanism.

Class Summary
ConsoleTaskLogger Basic implementation to System.out.
EnvReport This class provides a report to standard output of relevant JRE properties and svn executable information.
JavaUtilTaskLogger Basic implementation to net.sf.statcvs logger.
ProcessUtils This class provides a way of launching new processes.
SilentLogger Basic implementation to nothingness.
SvnCommandLineProcessor Base processor that uses the command line svn client.
SvnDiffUtils Utilities class that manages calls to svn diff.
SvnInfoUtils Utilities class that manages calls to svn info.
SvnInfoUtils.SvnInfoHandler SAX parser for the svn info --xml command.
SvnPropgetUtils Utilities class that manages calls to svn propget.
SvnStartupUtils Utility class that verifies if the correct version of subversion is used.
XMLUtil Utilities class to faciliate XML management.

Exception Summary
SvnVersionMismatchException Indicates that an invalid version of the svn executable was found.

Package net.sf.statsvn.util Description

Utility classes.