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Changes between 2009-12-02 and 2010-01-02

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Total Number of Files Changed: 16

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2010-01-01 12:08:44 Benoit Xhenseval

/trunk/statsvn/site/press/release-note-0.7.0.txt v403

changed for 0.7.0
2010-01-01 12:05:23 Benoit Xhenseval

/trunk/statsvn/ v402

/trunk/statsvn/project.xml v402

/trunk/statsvn/qalab.xml v402

/trunk/statsvn/site/index.xml v402

/trunk/statsvn.bat v402

changed for 0.7.0
2010-01-01 10:46:30 Benoit Xhenseval

/trunk/statsvn/.classpath v399

/trunk/statsvn/lib/statcvs-0.7.0.jar v399

/trunk/statsvn/ v399

/trunk/statsvn/project.xml v399

/trunk/statsvn/site/changes.xml v399

getting ready for 0.7.0
2009-12-11 13:14:52 Jason Kealey

/trunk/statsvn/site/changes.xml v398

/trunk/statsvn/src/net/sf/statsvn/ant/ v398

no bug: Add anonymize to StatSVN ant task. Contributed by Markus Schulte.
2009-08-31 21:21:45 Benoit Xhenseval

/trunk/statsvn/lib/statcvs-0.6.0.jar v397

/trunk/statsvn/lib/statcvs-0.7.0.jar v397

/trunk/statsvn/ v397

Moving to version 0.7.0 (beta) of StatCVS.